Giorgio Garasto
  • @dabolus
  • Mobile Web Specialist · UX designer & musician in free time
  • Italy
  • He/him
Hi! I'm Giorgio, a Software Engineer from Italy specialized in web development.

I put my hands on HTML for the first time when I was seven years old to help my father, and I've never stopped playing with it since then. The passion for web development influenced both my work and study choices and brought me to gain a scholarship from Google and Udacity that gave me the chance to obtain the Mobile Web Specialist certification. At work, I gained vast experience in front end development by means of libraries and frameworks such as React and Angular, as well as using native technologies, like Web Components and Service Workers. On the back end side, I mainly use Node.js and Go.

Outside the working world, I like devoting myself to music. I love playing guitar and singing, but I do dabble also with piano and drums.
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